Workshops are given throughout the year in various locations. Amanda can come to your location for a seminar or conference, call her for details. Available workshops are listed below.Spiritual Support Group

An open forum on spiritual topics (no religious affiliation). Topics are announced at each group gathering for the next meeting. The topic will be discussed as a group with all having input on the spiritual topic at hand.

Spiritual Support Group coming soon.

Call 304-780-9709 or see calendar for details.

Meditation Group

Meditation is a safe and simple way to balance a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states. It is simple; but can benefit everybody.

Meditation is not just for yoga masters sitting cross-legged on mountaintops in the Himalayas. It’s a flexible approach to coping with stress, anxiety, many medical conditions and the day-to-day “static” that robs us of inner peace.

Today, the Pittsburgh International Airport boasts a large meditation room featuring a quiet ambiance, comfortable furniture and paintings of clouds. We can all benefit from the discipline that meditation brings about.

Meditation Group is coming soon.

Call 304-780-9709 or see calendar for details.


Healing with Colors

Color is a universal language. Everything under the sun is affected by color. Plants, animals, bacteria, chemical reactions, all exhibit changes of behavior when exposed to different colors. It is also a subconscious language that we use instinctively in every area of our lives.

Color has been used for healing for thousands of years. In modern color therapy, we use specific color rays to gently restore balance to the body.

Types of color therapy include the application of colored light and colored cloths, the ingestion of colored water/food, and the channeling of color vibrations into the aura through visualization and hand work.

Color healing can easily be incorporated into an energy treatment to increase its effectiveness, or it can simply be applied on its own. It is a safe, effective, and dramatic method of healing.


Your Chakras, Your Life

Your Life Chakras regulate, maintain and manage the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our being on the physical plane.

Chakras themselves serve as revolving doors or portals between our body, mind and soul. In everyday life they can be used to identify the health of the body and to treat problems and diseases.

Discover the vibrational energy that can be used to transform your physical, mental, spiritual, etheric and cosmic body systems.


Crystal Consciousness

Crystals and gemstones have been eagerly sought after for thousands of years as items of beauty and items of power with mysterious gifts.

Crystals are the blossoms of the mineralogical portion of the Earth. The recognition of the beauty and loving energies of these forms can greatly enhance ones emotional, physical and spiritual development.

Crystals have been used and/or revered since the dawning of civilization. The energies of the mineral kingdom are “universal energies.” Hence, when one contacts and is willing to receive this energy, personal creativity begins.

Through exercise of the Higher Will, one can contact and synthesize the energies from which the entire universe is comprised. Come re-discover this ancient healing art of Crystal Consciousness.


Spring Forth in Celebration!

As the reborn sun races across the sky, the days become longer, the air warmer and, once again, life begins to return to the land. Twice a year, day and night become equal in length.

To the elders of the Olde Way, these times, equinoxes, were markers in which seeds would be planted and then harvested. Learn how to plant your spiritual seeds and watch them grow in the warmth and light.


Transformation – Navigating Your Spiritual Course

Is there a feeling, deep inside of you, that makes you restless? It makes you think that the world you know is somehow keeping you from discovering a place beyond it all that holds an answer to the very essence of your being.

This feeling makes you yearn for something you can not see with your eyes but believe exists. Instinct fills you – driving you to seek this unknown place. Let us begin our journey of transformation and discovery together.